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Steel frame portal buildings are ideal for construction of storage buildings and other buildings when on a budget. Minimal interior finishing is necessary however protection from the elements is the key objective. Providing maximum open space a steel portal framed building is ideal structure for both retail and whole sale warehouses. Other such uses can be private aircraft hangars and agricultural structures.

  • Quick Erection. From order to erection from 1 month.
  • Reliable.  All Viilhall OÜ Products are CE Certified.
  • Smart Site Specific Design Specification. Viilhall design each structure specific to its proposed location toensure the correct snow, wind, usage and shielding factors are applied for optimal strength. All parts are made in 3D modeling program TEKLA to make sure that everything fits perfectly. Customers can customise any Viilhall building to suit their design requirements. Buildings can be designed to any size and a full range of standard and unique optional features are available to provide those creature comforts. 
  • Superior Choice Of Finishes. Viilhall offer an extensive range of external cladding options to enable customers to match the structure to their existing surroundings. 



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